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Who’s Who of the Market - Gabe Dellios     

The Melbourne Market is not just a place of business, it is a community, and Gabe Dellios has been an integral part of that community for the past 56 years.

He and his son Nick, trade as Bacchus Marsh Apples, in the south eastern corner of the Growers Floor, selling a wide variety of apples, along with some diversity in peaches, nectarines and pears.

Gabe, along with his mother and siblings, left Macedonia in 1948. The family was reunited with their father who had arrived in Australia exactly 10 years before. His father had begun life in Australia by cutting cane in Queensland, moving to Werribee South a year later to start a vegetable business, working hard to bring his family over. In 1951 the family moved the vegetable operation to Bacchus Marsh and in 1954 they changed to fruit production, establishing 40 acres (16 hectares) of apples, nectarines and peaches.

The business has since expanded to 200 hectares with enough on site storage to handle 16,000 bins (6,000 tonnes) in a controlled environment. Apples are the predominant crop, the main varieties grown are Granny Smiths, Fuji, Pink Lady and Royal Gala. Future expansion is also planned with a new juicing facility to value-add to the B-grade fruit. The orchard employs 26 full-time staff supported by seasonal labour as required. Both Gabe and
other family members are actively involved in the business.

As Bacchus Marsh is situated in a housing growth corridor, this creates issues for the business from local residents expressing their concerns with the continuous noise from the gas guns which are used for crop protection (from cockatoos) and the perceived risk by the residents of nearby crop spraying. As in other cropping areas, there is also an ongoing problem with water rights being reduced to 5% for this irrigation season. To ensure crops were harvested for the current season, ‘sales water’ was purchased on the open market. To achieve efficiencies with this valuable and limited resource a micro-jet irrigation system was installed as an alternate to flood irrigation. Modern technology has also been implemented with a computerised grading system and Gabe is awaiting delivery of a new fruit x- ray machine to detect internal flaws.

Bacchus Marsh Apples’ fruit is marketed throughout Australia utilizing the central market system.

At 75, Gabe says he has no plans for retirement just yet (although he does enjoy his golf on a Saturday morning!). He enjoys life and coming to the market. A proud recipient of the MMA’s 40 year service award, Gabe’s secret to success is his strong philosophy of realizing an opportunity and listening to his mother’s advice, which was to always be honest. This integrity, along with his pleasant and gentlemanly nature, makes him popular with traders and customers alike.

Gabe comes into the Market five days a week, so when you are next in the Market, stop by his stand and have a chat.    
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