"Dellios Apples"

Great Quality....Even Better Taste!

Apple Bin,Crates For SALE!

Apple Bins/Crates for your garden beds.


* Affordable...Many different uses

* Great instant raised garden beds

* Ideal for your home grown herbs & vegetables

* Go Organic...Know what you are eating

* Perfect for small yards, schools & Kindergartens

* Easy to set up, no digging, no handyman required

* Made from non treated pine as they have been previously used to hold apples

* Other uses...Storage crate, compost bin, fire wood bin ect

* Lenght..120cm Width..120cm Depth from inside of bin..60cm approx

* Previously used, so varying condition..."You may choose your crates"


* Pick-up only...we will load you!

* Purchase 1 or as many as you require

* You are purchasing bin or bins only.

~Please call the shed on 03 5367 5297 for all of your questions & enquiries.~

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