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  • Simular to the peach, without the “fuzz”
  • Generally smaller than a peach
  • Smooth skin, yellow/orange with a slight red blush
  • Flesh varies in colour according to variety from white, yellow or red
  • Some clingstone, some freestone
  • Distinctive pleasant aroma
  • Soft melting, juicy flesh

    The Nectarine tree, in all respects is like a peach tree. A delicate, short lived, deciduous tree, also belonging to the rose family.The best nectarines are produced, like peaches, where the summers are warm and dry, as wet weather near harvest promotes brown rot. A free draining soil is preferred as nothing kills the trees faster than a period of waterlogging. 
    There are two basic types of nectarine: white flesh and yellow flesh. Nectarines are generally available from late November through to March. Select your fruit free from blemishes and bruises. Nectarines should be yellow/cream in colour. Green fruit is likely to be immature and not taste pleasent. The nectarine originating in China, the name is believed to have been derived from ‘nectar’, the drink of the Gods, because of the delicious and unusual flavour of the fruit. 

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